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Frank H. Sobey's story is that of a classic Canadian entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen and passion for the continued growth and development of his family business was truly inspirational.

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Giving back was important to Frank H. Sobey. What activities have you undertaken that have contributed positive outcomes in the lives of individuals and communities?

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Video Essay

[Please create a video using your smartphone no longer than 90 seconds. Upload your video to your preferred video service (eg. YouTube, Vimeo), and then post the link here.

Some helpful hints for a successful video:

  • Find a brightly lit room with a nice backdrop (blank walls work if nothing else)
  • Find a quiet place away from roommates or other activities
  • Have a box, stand, tripod etc. to prop up the phone or laptop so the camera is roughly eye level
  • Rehearse - record - edit, if necessary