8 awards of $30,000

The Frank H. Sobey Awards for Excellence in Business Studies began in 1989 to support the development of future business leaders and business programs in Atlantic Canadian
Universities. 30 years later, the Program counts nearly 200 alumnae from all of Atlantic Canada’s faculties of business.

8 awards of $30,000 are being offered in special recognition of the 30th anniversary year of the Program. We are delighted to mark this milestone year by extending this year’s award to $30,000 open to undergraduate students of Business Studies in universities in the Atlantic Provinces.

Each of this year’s major awards will be made in two installments of $15,000. The first installment will be made in December and the second in the first quarter of 2020 upon confirmation of satisfactory academic achievement in the fall term and continued full-time attendance in the spring term of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Awards are not automatically renewable, but previous winners are eligible to apply for any subsequent year’s award.

Awards will be announced by December 20th.

Award winners will be entitled to use the designation: Frank H. Sobey Award for Excellence in Business Studies (or Honourable Mention) (year of award) in their subsequent curriculum vitae, job resumés and references. They are asked to advise the Fund from time to time concerning their subsequent activities and careers and the relevance of the award to those activities and careers. Also appreciated are suggestions for additional ways in which the awards could further support and strengthen excellence in business studies at universities as an encouragement to entrepreneurial activity in the Atlantic Provinces.


  • Paul Sobey, Chair
  • Ed Barrett
  • Bob Brown
  • Bernard Doucet, Secretary
  • Doug Doucet
  • Hon. Myra Freeman
  • Paul Jewer
  • Dr. Ramona Lumpkin
  • John Sobey
  • Oliva Sobey
  • Kent Sobey