To be eligible for the Frank H. Sobey Awards for Excellence in Business Studies you must:

  • have completed at least one year of undergraduate business studies at an Atlantic Provinces university
  • have achieved the necessary academic qualifications
  • be enrolled in full-time business studies at an Atlantic Provinces university for the 2021-2022 academic year
  • submit your application to the Dean of your faculty. Applications must be submitted to your Dean no later than October 29, 2021

Along with your application you must include:

  • Three letters of personal reference, sent directly by your referees to the Dean of the faculty in which you are enrolled for full-time studies in 2021-2022. These references will be forwarded by your Dean to the Fund. At least one referee should be a professor under whom you have completed a university course or courses in business studies. At least one other referee should be from outside the academic community, and other than a member of your immediate family or a close relative.
  • A recent head and shoulders photograph of yourself suitable for possible publication.
  • Your current resume.

Important Dates

  • Applications must be submitted to the Dean of your faculty by October 29, 2021 and by the Dean to the Fund by November 12, 2021. No exceptions will be made to these deadlines.

Please read over the application carefully and make sure you have all the necessary attachments before beginning to complete the form.